Saturday, October 8, 2011


assalamualaikum to all readers. how are you today ? i hope all in fine. thumbs up. ok, today my post in english. why ? hahaha. just wanna practice my english language only and makes my english better than before this. practice makes perfect right ? hahaha~

okay, today is sunday. and my life in polytech in sunday just sit at dorm, online, study (sometimes), and most bad thing i do --> SLEEP until evening. hahaha~ what a bad i am right ? it's ok. i admit it thats im not a good person. first you makes bad thing with me, forever i will makes you suffer. hahaha~ just kidding only. im not as bad as like that. hahaha~ :D

i know some of you weird why my post are in english language. this because when i went to courses about important of english language (EL) . in malaysia, EL is the second language after malay language. but in japan ? their think EL are not important for them. because they know, the technology in their country are more advance than US. for me, even our country are advanced more than the other country, thats are not the point for us to lazy to studying EL. because EL is international language. its will make easier for us to communicate with someone.

their are many steps, every steps has own direction, the best direction are should be choosed.

okay, i think until this i can write in my post. hahaha~ because i don't have any idea anymore. so, after this i will try to post in english again. hahaha~ if i have any typing error or else wrong vocab, just ignore that. hahaha~ ok see you again. see yaa~

Terima Kasih Daun Keladi ! Kalau Sudi Singgah Lagi !

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